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Lesvos Chamber of Commerce


The Lesvos Chamber of Commerce is a Public Entity which originated in 1988 from the merger of two chambers: the Chamber of Commerce of Mytilene, founded in 1918, and the Chambers of Professionals and Small and Medium Sized Industries of Mytilene, founded in 1947.

In 1994, the Tourism division was founded and since 1995 it functions as an Annex of the Chamber of Lesvos, at Lemnos island. Today, registered companies number around 9,500, all of which are members of the Regional Unit of Lesvos, and are represented by the following segments:

• Commerce Department: 29.6% of members.

• Manufacturing Department: 23% of members.

• Tourism Department: 9% of members.

• Business Department: 38.4% of members.

The members pay annual subscription for the services and support of the Chamber.

The Chamber of Lesvos was established to protect and develop trade, industry, crafts, the professionals of the tourism service and exports sectors. The greater mission is to broaden the development and promote the advancement of Lesvos, Lemnos and Agios Efstratios islands.

This mission is executed through various actions and initiatives, such as providing for the state advisory recommendations for every financial issue, including draft legislation, proposals and memoranda. Particular attention is focused on issues related to the unusual demands of our islands. Insular issues influence our transportation, tourism, tax and insurance problems and require interventions for sectoral support, local entrepreneurship, implementation, training programs and seminars, participation in international fairs and business missions, organizing conferences and informational workshops and more.

Besides the general goals, the Chamber of Lesvos provides specific services to its members, when requested, such as addressing each economic and business issue, advisory recommendations and counseling etc.

The Lesvos Chamber of Commerce is represented in the Central Union of Greek Chambers, based in Athens and has participated in the Chambers Group for the Development of Greek Isles (E.O.A.E.N.), the EU Insular Areas Network (INSULEUR) and the development company ETAL S.A. (Lesvos Local Development Company), the latter with which it co - proposes various community funding programs.

Furthermore, the Lesvos Chamber of Commerce has signed Cooperation Protocols with various institutions such as the University, and other Chambers of Greece, Turkey and Russia, the Greek International Business Association, the Greek Network of Twinned Chambers, the Chamber of Paphos in Cyprus and many more.


Food & Beverage Industry. Especially renowned is the Olive Oil of exceptional quality with many award-winning companies. Also, Salted Fish including sardines, delicious Dairy products  - refer to the Special Section on Aegean Cheeses, and finally in the Beverage Sector, Lemnos Wine and the famous Ouzo of Lesvos which accounts for 60% of Greece’s ouzo production.

Lesvos Chamber of Commerce

President: Evaggelos Myrsinias

Contact Details:

Address: 71, P. Kountourioti Str. 82100, Lesvos

Telephone: +30 22510 28431 - 28564

Fax: +30 22510 23275

E-mail: chamber @les.forthnet.gr

Website: www.lesvos-chamber.com






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