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Lefkada Chamber of Commerce


The Lefkada Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1956 and is the main representative of the production sector of the prefecture. Its primary concern is to promote professional endeavors in the region, but also to augment the development of the area.

The main driver of the island's economy is tourism, and the position of the Board is to support and boost the overall promotion of tourism. Efforts include strategies to attract and enhance both the number and caliber of visitors to this ideal tourist destination.

The new management (2012-2017) achieved remarkable results in this area with varied projects from 2012-2016. Specifically:

•    the launch of an air connection between the airport of Aktion and Athens following a seven year anticipation.

•    the arrival of the cruise ship Seabourn Odyssey, in Lefkada, for the first time, which transports the highest income international passengers.

•    the Volotea airlines air connection between Venice - Aktion, and the launch of flights to Aktion by Easy Jet airlines.

The Chamber was awarded the 2015 Silver Prize in the Travel & Transportation Category from its nomination for the “Increasing Incoming Tourism” Program in Lefkada, and in 2017 it was awarded the Silver Prize in the Destination Management - Destination Branding Category, following the initiatives sponsoring new air connections and the integration of the first island cruise program.
Besides this, the Lefkada Chamber has championed a new business culture characterized by quality service and social sensitivity.

The initiatives are numerous: enhanced communication to members, through free electronic and advisory services. Moreover, the establishment of a group health insurance program to provide medical care to members. This plan is being implemented in accordance with the Chamber’s Board Decision. Also, the Chamber is ensuring the operation of the community dentist office. These initiatives clearly demonstrate the efforts to improve social sensitivity of the Lefkada Chamber of Commerce!

Additionally, in a consultant role, the Chamber intervenes on behalf of members in both local and centralized administration issues. This effort seeks to upgrade the position of the Chamber, with the ultimate goal being the economic development of the region.

In conclusion, the administration of the Lefkada Chamber is fully prepared to contribute to the public debate about the present and the future of the island. Our mission is to create lasting interventions to ameliorate economic and social interests of Lefkada; it is our raison d’être.


Food & Beverage Industry with special mention of the award winning Lefkas Wines and Deli Meat and Sausages Category. All exporters of the mentioned Categories are included in our Guide.


Lefkada Chamber of Commerce

President: Sotirios Skiadaresis

Contact Details:

Address: 5-7, Dimitroy Golemi Str. 31100, Lefkada

Telephone: +30 26450 22381

Fax: +30 26450 21274


Website: www.lefkadachamber.gr






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