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Kefalonia & Ithaca Chamber of Commerce


The Kefalonia and Ithaca Chamber of Commerce was established in 1919 and is a Public Entity. Members are the individual and legal persons who conduct business activity or profession in the entire prefecture of Kefalonia and Ithaca. Members now include more than 4,000 enterprises (crafts and trade) and entrepreneurs.

To ensure resources for business development in the region, the Chamber has implemented significant actions under the Second Community Support Framework, and other European initiatives (e.g. INTER- REG II). The expertise acquired by the Chamber was utilized in a number of approved proposals, which were then implemented either independently or in collaboration with other organizations.

Examples include the following projects:

• "Electronic Commerce and Information Portal" of the Information Society S.A.

• Innovation in the Ionian Islands 3i.

• Development and operation of specific information bases and innovative software applications for the primary and secondary sectors of the economy of the Kefalonia and Lefkada prefectures under the Regional Operational Program of the Ionian Islands.

As part of the institutional role, the Kefalonia and Ithaca Chamber of Commerce:

1. Provides public authority services (licenses, certificates, permits, etc.).

2. Counsels the State (providing information, advice, presenting proposals, functioning in expert committees etc.).

3. Participates in the planning committees of regional decentralized institutions and local government agencies.

4. Plans activities and provides support services, such as information, advice and training - training to the members, conducting studies and drafting expert reports, promoting business partnerships and participating in development agencies.

5. Collaborates with agencies and academic and research institutions at local, regional, national and international levels in the region.

6. Financially supports primary and secondary trade union organizations and their initiatives.

7. Manages infrastructure and has plans to establish new ones.

The Kefalonia and Ithaca Chamber of Commerce in recent years has developed dozens of large and smaller horizontal actions and individualized business support.


Food & Beverage Industry with special mention of the Olive Oil and Olive Oil Products Category, and Wine exporters.  Production of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate and Dolomite on the island, uniqely represents the Heavy Industry Manufacturers. All exporters of the mentioned Categories are included in our Guide.


Kefalonia and Ithaca Chamber of Commerce

President: Stavros Spathis

Contact Details:

Address: 131, Leof. G. Vergoti, 28100

Argostoli, Kefalonia

Telephone: +30 26710 22253 - 24959

Fax: +30 26710 26190


Website: www.eeki.gr






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