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Kavala Chamber of Commerce

Kavala Chamber of Commerce Carlos Osorio/Associated Press


The Kavala Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public law, legal entity that was originally founded in 1918, followed by the establishment of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in 1923. The two Chambers merged in 1988. It has more than 11.000 members, including small and medium sized manufacturing industries, commercial enterprises, handicrafts companies, large industries, tourism enterprises, as well as professionals.

Within the framework of its policy for quality service, the Kavala Chamber of Commerce improves the services for entrepreneurs, providing the Certificate for quality system TŰV HELLAS, standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and management competence of co-financed projects of the program period 2014-2020.

Another important function of the Chamber —and one of particular relevance to the business world— is consulting and information services provided to small and medium sized enterprises. For example, information on subsidies, grants, development laws, EU legislation, and information on export markets or possible new sources for raw material supplies. Also, company law information about other countries and details on international trade rules and regulations. The Chamber’s most important organizational effort is the «KAVALAEXPO» an annual exhibition promoting industry, small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises, handicrafts, commerce and service professionals which has been taking place since 1993.

Its strategic positioning in the economic space of the Eastern Mediterranean, in combination with its steady and constantly developing infrastructure base, allows Kavala to be a bridge between the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the new economies in the Balkans and the Commonwealth of Independent States. This benefits Greece and the other European Union member states. The city's economic vigor and active cultural life illustrate Kavala’s central position in the region; a role it has played since ancient times.

The Kavala Chamber of Commerce, always at the forefront in terms of participation in EU programs, began this activity in 1990 by implementing training seminars funded by the European Social Fund. As a Euro Info Center the Chamber participated in several specific actions and initiatives, which continue, as members of the Enterprise Europe Network. Since 2008, the Chamber has participated in the enterprise support network for SMEs “ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK” and provide support to SMEs in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region. This has been undertaken in order to spur innovation and to inform the members of EU policies and financing programs, and, as a consequence, to increase competitiveness.


The area of Kavala produces an abundance of agricultural products (grapes, olives, asparagus, kiwi, hazelnuts, honey, etc.) and is a fishing and fish-trading centre. There are many fruit and vegetable packing plants and companies that produce food, wine and also fishery products.  One can also find petroleum deposits in the Kavala subsoil and geological riches include marble and slate. A large part of the local economy is based on the services sector, particularly tourism enterprises, commerce and banking/finance.

Kavala Chamber of Commerce

President: Markos Dembas

Contact Details:

Address: 50, Omonias Str. 65302, Kavala

Telephone: +30 2510 222212

Fax: +30 2510 835946


Website: www.kcci.gr






Humidity: 22%

Wind: 17.70 km/h

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