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Evros Chamber of Commerce


The Evros Chamber of Commerce is a Public Entity which constitutes the obligatory union of all individual and legal entities engaged in commercial activity in the region. Its function is to exercise public authority and —as a consulting and advisory body— works to ensure continued development and advocate on behalf of its members vis a vis the Greek state.

The Chamber was founded, by Royal Decree, on October 5, 1921 (Official Gazette 192/1921), known as: "Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Alexandroupolis".

Since its establishment, the Chamber has developed a diverse agenda, always within the legal framework 184/1914, 1089/1988, 1746/1988 and 2081/1992, all still valid today. During the period of WWII, 1940-1944, the Chamber did not function, as the Greek state had dissolved.

It has maintained an elected Board of Directors, with the exception of the period 1967-1974, when democratic institutions were suspended and the administration was appointed.

In 1988, under the Law 1746, it was renamed "Chamber of Evros" and it has since been located in Alexandroupolis.

The Evros Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UHCCI), the Hellenic Chambers Transport Association (HCTA) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Therefore, the Chamber is a necessary and integral link between the relevant state authority and the company members of its region, but does not exercise trade union activities.

The Chamber is comprised of five sections: Export, Manufacturing, Commerce, Services and Tourism. The number of active members now approaches 8,000.

The Chamber works to improve the business environment, taking bold steps and by acting as a leading business advisor to members. It helps build awareness around the need to shift to new markets, and supports the visibility and promotion of local products. Furthermore, it uphold the law and promotes company members, in order to attract investors and support of SMEs, which are the backbone of the Greek economy.


Food & Beverage Industry including General Food Products, Deli meats, Soft drinks, Olive Oil, Agricultural Products and delicious Cheese from Samothrace - Dairy Industry. Special mention must be made of manufacturers special parts for the Auto Industry. All exporters of the mentioned Categories are included in our Guide.


Evros Chamber of Commerce

President: Christodoulos Topsidis

Contact Details:

Address: 307, Leof. Dimokratias

68100, Alexandroupoli

Telephone: +30 25510 26223 - 26537

Fax: +30 25510 23253


Website: www.evroschamber.gr






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Wind: 17.70 km/h

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