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Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce


More than 60 years have passed since the establishment of the Chamber of the Dodecanese Islands on June 30, 1949 (Official Gazette 142 / A / 30.06.1949) as the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dodecanese. This was an effort by the Greek state to align regulatory law in the region, following the formal annexation of the Dodecanese a year earlier (07/23/1948). The Dodecanese Chamber maintained its autonomous function until April 12, 1988, when it was merged with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kalymnos and Kos - (OGG 67 / PD. 153).

For more than 60 years, the Chamber has sought to defend the interests of the productive classes and also promote the business development of the Dodecanese.

Today, the Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry has about 22,000 members divided into four (4) divisions:
Commercial, Manufacturing, Tourism, Services.

The Chamber’s functions include:

•     Informing members reliably through the local press and the use of new technologies.

•     Providing advice on issues related to the business and economic development of the country.

•     Providing information about business development and the promotion of exports.

•     Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and many other training programs.

•     Enhancing financial and professional organizations as well as legal associations.

•     Organizing business missions, participating in exhibitions and advising its members.

•     Collaborating with other agencies at local, national and international level.

•     Participating in, and implementing European / co-financed programs.

In response to the new requirements of our time, the Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry developed an innovative web portal platform that is implemented within the framework of the project "Digital Program of the Chamber to strengthen the competitiveness of the Operational Program of Crete and the Aegean Islands 2007-2013 ".
Usage of the portal will reduce bureaucracy and promote e-business.

The Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry continuously reviews its strategy to adapt to the changes in the contemporary socio-economic environment and seeks to continually upgrade the level of entrepreneurship in the Dodecanese, as well as the development of a global strategy to foster internationalization of local businesses and the overall development of its members.


Food & Beverage Industry. Especially renowned are the sparkling wines, wines and soft drinks.  All locally manufactured products are supported by the “Aegean Cuisine” initiative which aims to promote the Dodecanese gastronomic tourism which in turn advances efforts in exports. There are some important companies in the Packaging Industry. Special mention should be made of the natural sponges of Kalymnos - Cosmetics & Personal Care Category.


Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

President: Ioannis Pappou

Contact Details:

Address: 8, Grigoriou Lambraki Str.

85131, Rodos

Telephone: +30 22410 44200

Fax: +30 22410 44240


Website: www.ebed.gr






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