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Pireaus Chamber of SM Industries


The Piraeus Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries, founded in 1925, is a public entity, with the key objective to protect and defend the interests and development regional business, including Piraeus— its center and the largest port in Greece.

The Chamber has more than 15,000 active registered companies. It is supervised by the Ministry of Development and managed by elected representatives of a 61 member Board of Directors. The Board is elected every four years and is the central body, making the most important decisions regarding the Chamber’s activity.

It represents all manufacturing activity in the region belonging to the Chamber of Piraeus.

With the constantly evolving conditions of a demanding and competitive market, it is necessary for contemporary small and medium sized industries to have the flexibility to adapt, modify and even to alter their product, in response to changing consumer demands.

Production standardization and the continuous effort to improve productivity, reduces costs and increases competitiveness.

In a globalized market, the boundaries of competition extend beyond the set borders. Specialization efforts focus on the creation of quality products of the highest standard. Flexibility and hard work must now blend with organization, cooperation and a new standard of entrepreneurship. Combining tradition with innovation is a challenging proposition.

The activities of the of the Piraeus Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries include:
• Issuing of certificates for any lawful use (tax office, banks, participation in competitions, etc.)
• Conducting expert appraisals for resolution of disputes.
• Providing opinions on draft laws, Presidential Decrees and decisions by the Central Administration which refer to small and medium sized industries, as well as suggesting and proposing amendments on laws and decisions already on the books.
• Monitoring the movement of the region’s small and medium sized industries with an eye on the viability of the businesses and their export activity.
• Through the idea of "One Stop Shop", facilitating, simplifying and speeding up the procedures for setting up and running a business by reducing barriers. Barriers which make entry into the business difficult. This is possible by saving time and money for the new entrepreneur and relieving public administration of significant administrative costs, by creating an online network of cooperation amongst many departments / services.


Heavy Industry Manufacturers, Manufacturers Industry, Marine Industry, Auto Industry.

All exporters of the mentioned Categories are included in our Guide


Piraeus Chamber of Small & Medium Sized Industries

President: Andrianos Michalaros

Contact Details:

Address: 111, Karaiskou Str. 18532, Piraeus

Telephone: +30 210 4174765 - 4171437

Fax: +30 210 4179495 - 4174152


Website: www.bep.gr






Humidity: 22%

Wind: 17.70 km/h

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