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Letter from the Alternate Minister of Economy & Development

Development policy must respect specific local economic, environmental and cultural characteristics of each region by promoting compatible interventions. At the Ministry of Economy, we focus on small and medium-sized projects across the country, targeting the needs of each region. We seek to unlock the development potential of local economies and improve the quality of life of citizens.

In this context, we are strengthening the islands with targeted programs, as well as integrated technical support, fundamental to development and implementation. Through our Special Development Programs for the Northern and Southern Aegean islands, we are directing additional national resources to meet the challenges posed by insularity, and implementing infrastructures needed by the local economy.

At the same time, we support small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and promote the exports of Greek businesses. With new programs to improve extroversion, we support small and medium-sized businesses and assist in the development of export activity at every stage of the process (production, standardization, promotion, etc.). The exports voucher helps promote their products to foreign markets. Everything else in the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) programs provides increased aid for export-oriented enterprises. Additionally, we started —in partnership with Enterprise Greece— an important program to feature the unique identity of Greek agri-food products. This program seeks to facilitate the growth and footprint in international markets.

The Chambers —as the local body representing entrepreneurship— are invited to highlight and promote the potential for the development of local economies. The Chambers Group for the Development of Greek Isles (E.O.A.E.N.), representing all the Greek Island Chambers, has a very significant mission: to identify the differing needs of members and to work closely with the competent services to effectively address them.

The particular qualities of each Greek island, form a distinct identity that is characterized both in the products produced and the place itself. The challenge is to create unique opportunities for growth while achieving a balanced, socially just and sustainable development.

Alexis Charitsis
Alternate Minister of Economy and Development





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