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Hellenic Small Islands Network

Greek nature is abundant and rich, as reflected in the variety of local crops and goods produced on the small Greek islands.

The agro-food items from the small islands —although produced in limited quantities— are distinguished by their high quality. These superior products can be, therefore, included in gourmet, PDO categories, as well as in distribution networks including hotels, restaurants.

Realistically, production and sales of local agro-grain products from many small Greek Islands has the potential for further development.

The Hellenic Network of Small Islands has begun to track local products of the small islands. Our goal is to map and promote local products in an effort to enhance our Islands’ profile and to increase public awareness of the valuable resources our islands produce.

The transfer of know-how from other national or European regions —with similarly successful examples— is vital in the effort to in facilitate the selection of the right processes needed to strengthen the agro-food market sector.


The social economy of the small islands is crucial to this endeavor. The Hellenic Network of Small Islands has researched and conducted studies on this significant subject.

These include: study of the institutional framework of social enterprises; microcredit development study for women; microcredit business office operating plan; social economy guide; social economy study; promotion of corporate social responsibility and sponsoring the social economy in island regions; planning study and monitoring system organization; study for the development and promotion of financial instruments with particular emphasis on microcredit; study recording business operations and third sector bodies in island regions; study for the creation of an observation center for the monitoring and recording of the social economy sector in the island regions; study for the creation of an island network - a social economy observation center; organization of workshops on specialized topics for potential and existing entrepreneurs; training of potential and existing entrepreneurs etc. Thus, we are implementing one of the largest projects in the Equal Development Partnership TILEMACHOS.

Another important factor for the agro-food chain of the smaller islands, is the development of production infrastructure, and packaging and sales to markets beyond the island. Today, in some small islands, production and distribution is still in its infancy and the involvement of the state should be apparent, lasting and supportive.


The Hellenic Small Island Network is a Non-Profit organization with members comprised mainly of island municipalities with a population of less than 5,000.

It was founded in 2007 and operates throughout Greece (North Aegean, South Aegean, Ionian, Argosaronic, Sporades islands etc).

Our mission is to develop the human and social resources of the islands. The Hellenic Small Island Network seeks to support the societies and municipalities of the small islands in all matters relating to the their development, including Greek administration and the European Union.

Our objective is to strengthen and empower the actions of the smaller islands in matters that concern them and to which they are held responsible.

We remain by the side of municipalities and societies of the small islands and strengthen their actions in an auxiliary way, whenever needed.

We are members of the:

  • Island Policy Council, which is under the authority of the Prime Minister
  • Pan-European Federation of Small Island Networks.
  • Yacht Transport Council
  • Project Management Team of the General Secretariat of the Aegean and Island Policy
  • Bureau of the Council of Social Control of ERT (Greek Radio Broadcasting)

The Hellenic Small Island Network is a member of the Monitoring Committees NSRF 2007-2013 in the Regions of North Aegean, South Aegean, Ionian, Peloponnese and Western Greece. We participate in the consultation of the New NSRF 2001-4-2020 as a social partner and member of the Monitoring Committees For the Ionian Region.

We have implemented European programs, participated in legislative discussions in Parliament, and have shown our continuous presence since the Council’s founding.

At European Union level, we have participated in actions and consultations concerning the small islands and have excellent cooperation with all the coordinating bodies of the European Commission and European Parliament.

The Hellenic Small Island Network has the Vice-Presidency of the European Federation of Small Islands with jurisdiction in Southern Europe. It is a registered member of the EU Transparency Register.

Its delegations have often participated in various activities (conferences, seminars or meetings) in Brussels and continue to be a member - observer of key European bodies supporting island policy (European Federation of Small Island Networks, European Federation of Economic Chambers, etc.). It is an institutional interlocutor with the European Commission of Insular and Coastal Areas, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions.


Eleftherios S. Kechagioglou.
Chairman of the BoD


Chairman of the BoD


Hellenic Network of Small Islands

64, Ermou Street,10551 Athens, Greece

Tel:(+30) 210 3319940 Fax: (+30) 210 3319940


Website: http://www.smallislands.org





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