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Objectives of EOAEN


  • Engage the country’s island Chambers to joint actions to focus attention on the unique aspects of island life and to make the topic a leading issue in National and European dialogue. With reflection, hopes of leading to the adoption of policies and measures to make island regions less isolated from continental Europe and thus help contribute to economic and social cohesion.
  • Record, study and solve the particular problems faced by islands that obstruct their economic, social and cultural development.
  • Work with local, regional and national authorities and EU institutions, for the sustainable development of island regions.
  • Organize and participate in networks of island cooperation, facilitate the transfer of know-how, communication infrastructure and integrate with National and European initiatives and programs—either in group or individual form—thus contributing to the achievement of its ultimate goals of enhancing economic development.

Objectives at a National Level:

♦          Develop initiatives in thematic areas such as sustainable development, green and blue growth, local agri-food products and fisheries, tourism, shipping and transport, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), industries, commerce and trade, and maintain continuous contact with the government bodies responsible for these issues.

♦          Regularly inform the responsible ministries and political parties about the findings resulting from commissioned studies related to the problems encountered in island regions.

♦          Cooperate with the insular bodies, such as local Government Authorities of first and second degree, Regional Municipalities, the Association of Island Municipalities, Islander MPs, Scientific Chambers (Technical Chamber of Greece - Geotechnical Chamber of Greece - Economic Chamber of Greece etc.) to synergies the coordination of activities and initiatives for the islands’ development.

♦          Work closely with the Universities of the Aegean, Crete, Piraeus and Ionian Islands for the compilation of studies and research on island economy. Attend seminars for professional training of entrepreneur members and assist with student internships in island businesses. Participate in European projects etc.

♦          Cooperate with Enterprise Greece, the official agency of the Greek State for promotion of investment and exports of Greece, based on a joint Protocol of Cooperation. Organize trade missions and participate in international product and trade exhibitions to promote its local business members.

♦          Organize Conferences and Workshops for Development in the Greek islands, to promote and build awareness on island issues and resolve differences resulting from insular specific issues of island regions in relation to the mainland.

♦          Develop Publications and Guides for the promotion of island businesses in Greece and throughout the world.

Objectives at a European Level:

♦          Collaborate with the EU’s Directorate-General XXI “Regional Policy and Cohesion” and Directorate-General XXIII “Enterprise Policy, Trade, Tourism and Social Economy”, and participate in the “Trade and Islands” working group.

♦          Cooperate closely with the Regional Policy Committee of the European Parliament, the Inter-Parliamentary Committee of the Islands, Greek members of the European Parliament, and the Islands Committee of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe (CRPM), monitoring the meetings and submitting proposals with regards to the European regulations, the territorial and social cohesion, the characteristics of the island regions in relation to the mainland.

All the above in close cooperation with its European counterpart network: the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union (INSULEUR)


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