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The Chambers Group for the Development of Greek Isles (C.G.D.G.I. or otherwise in Greek and henceforth named, E.O.A.E.N.) is a civil non-profit association founded by the Chambers of Commerce of the Greek islands, on August 1,1994. Founded, so that together, the Greek Isles could tackle the negative economic, social and cultural impacts of geographical insularity and it’s effect on inhabitants of island regions.

The mission of business—the economic engine of society—is to revitalize the waning economy. Organized by Chambers of Commerce, the members of E.O.A.E.N., are working to achieve economic and social cohesion between the islands and mainland.


In order to establish its presence in Europe and build awareness among its European Counterpart Chambers, E.O.A.E.N. has organized a host of informational events, workshops, seminars and conferences, and has participated in similar conferences from 1994 to date.

There are 59 Chambers of Commerce in Greece, 19 of which are members of E.O.A.E.N. Each member has an island or islands within their region of jurisdiction.


1.         Professional Chamber of Piraeus1

2.         Piraeus Chamber of Small & Medium Sized Industries

3.         Chamber of Chios Island

4.         Chamber of Lesvos Island

5.         Chamber of Samos Island

6.         Chamber of the Cyclades Islands

7.         Chamber of the Dodecanese Islands

8.         Chamber of Evros2

9.         Chamber of Kavala3

10.       Chamber of Magnesia4

11.       Chamber of Evia Island

12.       Chamber of Chania (Crete)

13.       Chamber of Rethymnon (Crete)

14.       Chamber of Heraklion (Crete)

15.       Chamber of Lasithi (Crete)

16.       Chamber of Corfu Island

17.       Chamber of Lefkada Island

18.       Chamber of Kefalonia & Ithaca Islands

19.       Chamber of Zakynthos Island

Island regions under the Chamber’s jurisdiction:

1. Includes the Argosaronic Islands
2. Includes Samothrace Island
3. Includes Thassos Island
4. Includes the Sporades Islands

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